ACCOSET 50 is made from a blend of high-alumina cements and refractory aggregates, and it is formulated to have good resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. It can be used for repairing, patching, and rebuilding refractory linings in a variety of industrial processes, including steelmaking, aluminum production, and glass manufacturing. Packed in 50 kg Gunny bag.


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Accoset 50 is known for its exceptional heat resistance, strength, and durability, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Key Features and Properties of Accoset 50:

High Temperature Resistance: Accoset 50 is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, typically up to 1500°C (2732°F) or higher, making it ideal for use in environments where heat resistance is crucial.

Refractory Properties: This castable exhibits excellent refractory properties, meaning it can maintain its structural integrity and performance even under prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It resists thermal shocks and maintains dimensional stability in extreme heat conditions.

Strength and Abrasion Resistance: Accoset 50 offers high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, making it suitable for applications where the material may come into contact with mechanical forces or abrasive substances.

Easy Installation: Accoset 50 comes in a pre-mixed, ready-to-use form, allowing for easy installation and reducing on-site labor requirements. It can be poured, troweled, or gunned into place, depending on the specific application and installation method.

Versatility: Accoset 50 can be used in various industrial sectors, including steel, cement, glass, petrochemical, and power generation. It is commonly employed for furnace linings, burner blocks, ladle linings, incinerator linings, and other high-temperature equipment.

Chemical Resistance: This castable exhibits good resistance to chemical attacks, including acids, alkalis, and molten metal slag. It can withstand corrosive environments and is suitable for applications involving chemical processes.

Thermal Insulation: Accoset 50 offers reasonable thermal insulation properties, reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency in high-temperature equipment. However, for enhanced insulation, additional insulation materials may be required.