Im new at macs but figured out how to bring up the boot menu. Thanks a lot to the poster for putting up this thread. I have solved a problem for a customer’s Mac BookPro. It was having the problem of booting to nothing but a grey folder with an question mark. I am on an EMac, with the padlock issue and firmware password request. I have not set up a firmware password, so is there a default one I need?

The first step in SCADA risk mitigation is establishing a SCADA network security policy. Second would be bringing all SCADA component software and firmware up to current stable revision levels. Next would be to eliminate the security issue with what has been regarded as the weakest link in SCADA—the interconnection to the corporate network. Significant risk mitigation can be obtained by installing a firewall between the SCADA network and the corporate network.

I understand you received an error when trying to update your iPhone 6. The resource below provides troubleshooting steps for issues updating iOS software. Try the general steps outlined here first to address the corrupt firmware file error you are seeing.

Does your camera have the latest firmware? How to check

Make no mistake, while the risk is not huge it’s very real. If your router becomes compromised it’s likely you won’t even know until it’s too late. A simple case of keeping your router updated — as you really should with any connected hardware — could save you massive heartache of losing precious data, access to accounts or even financial loss. If you haven’t changed these yet, the default login information can usually be found on a sticker on the bottom of the router.

After the file is downloaded, open your router setup and locate the firmware upgrade section. The picture shows an example of the Firmware Upgrade section, listed under Administration, on a Linksys network router. To start, you’ll need three things — the IP address of your router, the login and password, and download the latest firmware. In most cases, you can find the router’s IP address, user name, and password on a sticker at the bottom of your router.

Windows Error Reporting CVE-2019-0863

Once you are registered, the manufacturer will alert you whenever there is any major update available for your device. Before updating the firmware, you need to make sure that the update is for the exact device model that you own. If you apply an update that is intended for a similar-but-different model, your device would be at a serious risk of becoming non-operational. In such cases, the old microcode will be overwritten with the new programs that are incompatible with your device model, so installing such update will brick your device. Look around, how many gadgets or appliances do you see? Devices and gadgets have become ubiquitous and we have started to rely on them heavily, may it be for work or for assistance in our chores.

These updates are generally more difficult to install than software updates, as they require hardware-specific programming changes. Firmware updates are also less likely to be reversed, as they may require complex alterations to the device’s hardware wiring or programming. A light may come on, a message may pop up in your browser window, or you could get an email from your manufacturer that firmware updates are available for your registered product.

I drained the battry removed the ram and booted up without it. Then I put one stick back in and then turned it on and put in my OS X Snow leopard Disc. I removed the ram and there was a continuous beep over and over. Then I left one out and also tried but it did nothing but boot up to the firmware password request page again. I did remove the logic bord battery, hard disk and almost deassemble the whole iMac but unfortunately nothing happened. If you have older Macs that are vulnerable to easy FW unlock, I still recommend turning on FW lock as not everyone knows how to unlock it, add Filevault encryption too.

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