Clayman Refractories is Involved in manufacturing and supplying of Bottom Pouring Refractory Sets. These B.P. Sets are known for features such as neutral chemical nature and resistance to heat and moisture. 

Bottom pouring sets are used in mini steel plants to pour metal and manufacture MS ingots. We manufacture bottom pouring sets in various sizes to meet the specific melting capacity requirements of our clients.


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Bottom pouring refractory sets are essential components in the steel and metal casting industry. By providing controlled pouring, reducing inclusions, improving productivity, enhancing safety, and offering durability, these sets contribute to the production of high-quality castings with increased efficiency and reliability.


Benefits of Bottom Pouring Refractory Sets:

Controlled Pouring: The use of bottom pouring refractory sets allows for precise control of the pouring rate, minimizing turbulence, and ensuring consistent filling of the mold cavity. This results in improved casting quality and dimensional accuracy.

Reduced Inclusions and Defects: The refractory lining of the tundish and the controlled pouring mechanism help reduce the risk of inclusions, such as slag or impurities, from entering the mold, leading to higher-quality castings with fewer defects.

Improved Productivity: Bottom pouring systems enable faster and more efficient pouring processes, reducing cycle times and increasing overall productivity in metal casting operations.

Enhanced Safety: The use of refractory materials in bottom pouring sets provides thermal insulation, protecting operators from high-temperature exposure and minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Longer Service Life: The refractory materials used in these sets are designed to withstand the high temperatures and chemical environments encountered during metal casting. They offer excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer service life and reducing maintenance requirements.