At Clayman, we manufacture all types of Cupola bricks which are widely used in Cupola Furnace of Foundries. These products are manufactured using optimum grade raw material.

Cupola bricks are used in cast iron melting foundries and are made in various sizes to meet the specific capacity requirements of the furnace. The quality of the bricks is carefully controlled to ensure optimal performance.


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Cupola bricks are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, and chemical reactions that occur during the melting process.

Key Features of Cupola Bricks:

High Temperature Resistance: Cupola bricks are made from refractory materials that can withstand the extremely high temperatures reached in cupola furnaces, typically ranging from 1400°C to 1800°C (2552°F to 3272°F).

Good Thermal Insulation: These bricks offer excellent thermal insulation, minimizing heat loss from the furnace and improving energy efficiency during the melting process.

Chemical Resistance: Cupola bricks are formulated to resist chemical reactions and corrosive substances, including slag, metal oxides, and sulfur compounds produced during the melting of metals.

Mechanical Strength: Cupola bricks possess high compressive strength to withstand the weight of the charge materials, the pressure of the molten metal, and the mechanical stresses caused by the charging and tapping operations.

Thermal Shock Resistance: Cupola bricks are designed to resist thermal shock, which occurs when there are rapid temperature changes within the furnace. This property ensures the bricks maintain their structural integrity under challenging conditions.