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Cool Roof Tiles can help to reduce AC energy consumption by reflecting sunlight and reducing the heat that is absorbed into the building.


We are manufacturing Tile Grout (Polymer based – White) for joint filling in very good quality with superior strength.


Our refractory bed material is made out of specially processed high heat duty refractory aggregates of required density. Our bed material has many special characteristics, which make it a perfect material for C.F.B.C. and F.B.C. boilers for obtaining perfect fluidized action. The material is passed through high power magnetic separators to eliminated free iron particles. 

Note : Different Sizes available on Request


Fire bricks are a type of brick that is made from refractory ceramic material and is used in high-temperature environments such as furnaces, kilns, and fireplaces. Fire bricks are used in a variety of industries, including metal casting, glass making, and ceramics manufacturing, and play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of high-temperature equipment.


Bottom pouring sets are used in mini steel plants to pour metal and manufacture MS ingots. We manufacture bottom pouring sets in various sizes to meet the specific melting capacity requirements of our clients.


Cold face insulation bricks are used to insulate the interior walls of furnaces and other high-temperature equipment. They are designed to provide thermal insulation and reduce heat loss, helping to improve the efficiency of the furnace and reduce energy consumption. Cold face insulation bricks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be custom-made to fit specific applications.


Cupola bricks are used in cast iron melting foundries and are made in various sizes to meet the specific capacity requirements of the furnace. The quality of the bricks is carefully controlled to ensure optimal performance.


Fire clay powder is available in pulverized form for use in constructing any type of refractory work. It has a high-quality composition that makes it suitable for various construction and usage applications.


Grog powder is a high-quality product made from selected raw material of used refractory. It is used in mini steel plants as an alternative to sand, as it has better heat resistance properties. While sand is a good conductor of heat, grog powder is able to resist heat more effectively.


Grog grains, which are crushed refractory granules, can be used as bed material in boilers to improve performance. They can also be used in crushed form for manufacturing refractories. In addition, grog powder can be added to reduce the plasticity of clay and increase strength.


Low cement castables are known for their high strength, low porosity, and excellent corrosion resistance. They are commonly used in a variety of high-temperature applications, such as furnace linings, kiln linings, and combustion chambers. They are also used in a variety of industries, including steelmaking, cement production, and glass manufacturing. Low cement castables can be installed using traditional casting methods, such as hand casting or vibration casting, or they can be installed using specialized equipment, such as pumping or gunning.


Ladle bricks are refractory bricks that are specifically designed for use in the steelmaking ladles. They are subjected to high temperatures and severe thermal cycling during the steelmaking process, and as such, must be made from materials that are capable of withstanding these extreme conditions. They are known for their high thermal shock resistance, good corrosion resistance, and good abrasion resistance. In addition to being used in steelmaking ladles, ladle bricks are also used in other high-temperature applications, such as furnace linings and kiln linings.


Mortars used in construction of refractory. Clay mortar and accoset 50


A tundish is a vessel that is used to distribute molten metal or other materials from a larger container or source to a number of smaller molds or containers. Tundish linings protect the tundish from the high temperatures and corrosive effects of the molten metal. Tundish linings can be made from a variety of materials, including refractory bricks, castables.

Size: 9 x 4 ½ x 1 inches , 9 x 4 ½ x 1 ½ inches , 9 x 4 ½ x 2 inches


ACCOSET 50 is made from a blend of high-alumina cements and refractory aggregates, and it is formulated to have good resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. It can be used for repairing, patching, and rebuilding refractory linings in a variety of industrial processes, including steelmaking, aluminum production, and glass manufacturing. Packed in 50 kg Gunny bag.


Tile adhesive is used to bond tiles to a variety of surfaces, including walls, floors, and countertops. It is a strong, flexible, and waterproof adhesive that is specially formulated to adhere to tiles and provide a durable, long-lasting bond. Tile adhesive is available in the form of powder, and it can be applied using a variety of tools, including trowels, rollers, and spatulas. We manufacture tiles adhesive from 53 grade cement. It is available in 25 kg bags

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We are pioneers in the refractory industry since 1981. Clayman Refractory was founded by R. Viswanathan, who is having more than 40+ years of Experience in Refractory field.

We have grown over the years and have proven ourselves in the refractory industry. We have expanded our service to almost every section of the industrial sector. Now we are emerging as one of a leading Refractory Manufacturers in the South India.