Heat Insulation Cool Roof Tiles

Heat Insulation Cool Roof Tiles

Cool roofs have the ability to reflect and reject heat because the roofs are prepared with material which has properties of high solar reflectance.


A cool roof is one that reflects most of the incident sunlight and efficiently emits some of the absorbed radiation back in to the atmosphere, instead of conducting it to the building below..


The gradual rise of the earth’s surface temperature. Global warming is believed to be caused by the green house effect and is responsible changes in global climate patterns and an increase in the near surface temperature of the earth.


Produced from Premium Ultra white raw material that is uniformly distributed throughout the thickness of the paver ensures life time stability.
Higher temperature adversely affects our health, our energy consumption and our environment.
Cool roofs and pavements can help cool down buildings and cities.


The two primary properties that characterize roofs are solar reflectance and emmittance. Surface with low solar reflectance; absorb a high fraction of the incoming solar energy. a fraction of this absorbed energy is conducted into ground and buildings, a fraction is convicted to the ambient air and a fraction(termed emissivity) is radiated back to the sky for equivalent conditions, the lower the emissivity of a surface, the higher will be the steady-state temperature. .

Surface with low emissivity cannot effectively radiate to the sky and therefore get hot.

for cool roof tiles application for new building the incremental cost of adding cool roofs is minimal or at times none.

For existing buildings too, the additional expenses may be insignificant if the retrofit is properly integrated with the reroofing schedule.

Conventional materials for standard roofing are now available with their cool roof counterparts.

Due to much heat the roof surface expanded during summer and cracks formed. it closes after the temperature reduces during winter. the leak in roof is unavoidable. But if it is cool roof paved the building maintains the same temperature and no such cracks formed. The building becomes long life.

For health condition the heat gives us sun storkes, stomach pain, heat balls, irritation to our eyes and sweating. We loose free living.

Therefore Cool Roof Tiles installation is necessary to safeguard our life.

We are manufacturing cool roof tiles from valuable and quality raw material in our plant at Vriddhachalam, Tamilnadu, India..


Sizes available 12” x 12”x20 mm thick and 10” x 10” x 15 mm thick.


Cool Roof tiles can be paved with ordinary Sand and mixed with cement.


Cool roof provides numerous benefits at the micro level as well as the community level. Cool roofs conserve energy and enhance thermal comfort becaue the interior of a building is subject to less thermal flux. They assist in mitigating the urbanm heat island effect, and when installed comprehensively, can result lowered ambient air temperature on an urban scale.

Cool roofs on the other hand keep the roof a more constant temperature and therefore tend to last longer. While reducing ambient air temperature.

Cool roofs also improve air quality by curtailing or eliminmating smog formation. Smog is created by photochemical reqactions of air pollutants-higher temperature provides impetus to those reactions.

cool roof

Improved air quality also results in a reduction in heat releated and smog related health issues, including heat stroke and asthma.

Thus cool roof and cool roof tiles gives us so many benefits and safeguarding our life.


    • Reduces a/c use.
    • Reduces demand at power plant
    • Less energy consumed

Cooler roofs, cooler pavements, all vegetations – 1. Reduces outdoor temperature-2.slows reaction rates-3.lower ozone levels and lower co2, nox and voc levels.

We can feel immediate effect after pavements of cool roof tiles and the temperature is reduced inside the building more than 7-10 degrees.